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July Summer Camps 2020

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel 2020 Summer Camps at this location. If your child is registered for a Camp, we will automatically apply a credit to your account. To request a refund, please complete the contact form at We’re sorry for any inconvenience this decision might have caused.

Get Motivated.
Get Active.
Get Fit.

Kids fitness has been a hot topic for Canadian families for several years. How do we keep our kids active and how do we motivate them? We think the solution is a simple one, allow them to play, make the activities fun and provide lots of encouragement. 

Our Flash Fit Kids programs and camps are designed to introduce fun sports and games that will create a base for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and teamwork. Sports & Activities vary each day so that kids will participate and learn a variety of sports skills and stay motivated.



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