“Sport is a vehicle of life” –Terell John, DEA Basketball Coach

DEA Nation is a non profit organization dedicated to the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to join the next generation of leaders. With secondary education now being of greater importance to a career than ever before, America’s youth is forced to weather the storm of ever increasing tuition nationwide.

To many, weathering the financial burden of secondary education is only achievable through the pursuit of other passions. Excellence in athletics and arts (as well as academics) can make or break someone’s chances of affording an education that has become more of a requirement than an advantage in the job market. With the structure, discipline, and personal development gained through extracurricular activities having a lasting effect on a growing individual. The cost of advanced training of that nature has created an advantage to those born into more financially stable households who can afford to pay hundreds of extra dollars for their child (or children) to receive specialty training and experiences outside of their school programs.

DEA Nation has decided to level the playing field by launching our DEA NEXT initiative. DEA Next is an affordable to all developmental program where young student-athletes can participate in sport specific training programs designed by former collegiate, professional, and even Olympic athletes. Paired with our speed and agility training, where proper form and strengthening techniques are applied, every student-athlete can increase their chance to become a next level competitor.

DEA Coaches and Trainers

  • Tim Falknor
  • Terell John
  • Cory Wilks
  • Peter Maniscalco

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