EVO UltraFit implements the system of training developed by Jay Schroeder that focuses on the way in which the body interacts with stimuli. By taking this approach to health, fitness, and performance it is possible to reach and surpass your goals quicker than with traditional strength and fitness training methodologies.


Most strength and conditioning systems tend to focus only on certain pieces of what comprises athletic performance; this restricts an athlete from developing the necessary athletic qualities required to reach the athlete's highest potential. EVO Training, on the other hand, forces an athlete to master the foundation of human movement; this allows an athlete the opportunity to develop, master, and in turn display the athletic qualities that are necessary for elite athletic performance.


The EVO system uniquely evaluates and analyzes physiological traits to properly program and implement strategies to elicit desired responses to stimuli. It doesn't matter whether these responses manifest themselves as harder hits on the football field, decreases in body fat / increases in lean muscle mass, or a healthier immune system that facilitates increased quality of life; it is all possible with the EVO UltraFit system.


The EVO UltraFit system has been utilized by professional athletes in many different professional leagues including, but not limited to: NFL, NBA, MLB, ITF, NHL, PGA, LPGA, UFC, WTA, and Olympic events.


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