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We will use our advanced proprietary system and cutting edge neuro-therapy technology trusted by high-performance athletes to locate the origin of your physiological symptoms by identifying electrical disconnects between the muscles and the brain.

Electrical disconnects are areas that lack cellular communication to other cells or the brain, and become protected by inflammation and eventually scar tissue. Inflammation and the formation of scar tissue occur as a result of the brain feeling the need to protect the injured area from some sort of trauma.

This program will provide the opportunity to eliminate the physiological symptoms that you experience by eradicating electrical disconnects, and reopening lines of communication between cells, or between cells and the brain; thus purging the affected area of inflammation and scar tissue.

Once communication has been restored, implementation of a rehabilitation strength program will help you reacquire strength/coordination and eliminate compensation patterns so you can get back to moving freely and comfortably again.


  • Pre-Program Assessment
  • 20 Sessions Utilizing our Advanced Recovery & Performance Technology
  • EVO Rehabilitation Strength Program
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Success Metrics Tracking
  • E-Mail Support





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